Understanding of Risk Exposure requires Critical Control Monitoring . . .

Understanding your risk profile and risk exposure has never been more important. 

Leaders who are accountable for governance, risk and compliance currently do not have accurate and reliable insight to make informed decisions to mitigate material risks. Without reliable information, they are unable to predict and prevent unwanted events and are unknowingly exposed to unacceptable risks.

Minetell is the only transformative solution that provides real insight in real-time for risk exposure using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Minetell is a cloud-based digital risk management platform that captures multiple data sources (through IoT) and uses its proprietary algorithms to analyze data providing insight into risk exposure and critical controls effectiveness. Leaders can now have reasonable assurance when making data-driven decisions and answer two fundamental questions

What is the current Risk Exposure?

How effective are Critical Controls right now?

With Minetell, understanding your risk profile and risk exposure has never been easier.

This innovative approach moves risk and critical control management away from administrative reporting and into
real-time performance insight in three main areas for mining organizations:


Critical Control Monitoring

Minetell uses the latest innovations in connectivity and big data to gather operational intelligence from frontline operations (personnel and equipment) across sites and using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  It then provides dashboards on critical control effectiveness in real-time.

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MeasurE Compliance
& ESG INdex

Minetell combines a number of risks to provide organizations with real-time insight on compliance with permits or processes and an index into its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. Minetell allows organizations to intervene as well as better communicate with stakeholders both internally and externally.

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Materials Provenance (Blockchain)

Mining is about building long term relationships and those relationships require stories to help connect people, cultures and business. Minetell can take historical SLTO and risk data using Blockchain to tell the story of a site's products and the people who produce them.

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